The Team
David Pellizzari – Chef, co-owner
Catherine Draws – Sommelière, Maître D, co-owner
Birgit Devroye – Pastry-chef

Guillaume Martel La Salle – Barman and charcoalgrill owner...
As well as a team of excellent cooks, servers, suiters and baristas

Louis Béliveau (La Firme) and ÉmilieSchoofs (Atelier 3/4 Fort).

Graphic design
Johan Högdahl

 Photo // Jean-Sébastien Senécal

Photo // Jean-Sébastien Senécal

David Pellizzari - Chef, co-owner

David Pellizzariis a redheadIrishman who was adopted and raised by an Italian family in Ontario. He is an incorruptible fan of the Boston Bruins, runs on Gummy Bears and is known for his fierceness and his colourful language.

He got started in kitchens working as a dishwasher and climbed all the way up the ladder to become one of the most prominent chefs in Montreal. Along the way he encounteredConrad Crotteau, his mentor,at the Park Hill on Hunter (On)with whom he developed a lasting friendship, his work ethic and his passion for creation.

Thereafter, Pellizzari directed some major restaurants all over Canada before falling head over heels for a Montreal girl and her city. Here, he discovered a cityknown for its openness and engagement in gastronomy. He initially worked at Reservoir with Dany Bolduc (H4C) and as he became more comfortable with the Frenchlanguage, he took the helm at Buvette chez Simone and Le Bienville before becoming the chef-owner of Lili.Co in 2013.

 Photo // Jean-Sébastien Senécal

Photo // Jean-Sébastien Senécal

Catherine Draws - Maître D, co-owner

Catherine Draws was in the process of finishing a Bachelor's degree in film when she realized that she preferred the restaurant industry to her studies. Consequently, she undertook a certificate in entrepreneurship in order to redirect her career to open a restaurant and, in 2008, she met a handsome redheaded chef that became her business and life partner.

Before having her daughter Lili and shortly afterward, Lili.Co, Catherine had been working in service in many fine establishments (Bily Kun, Lion d’Or, Buvette chez Simone) for some 15 years. She has also been a culinary blogger (for 3 years les Obsessions Gourmandes attracted over 40 000 followers a month and has been mentioned in La Presse, Coup de Pouce, Elle QC and the Métro newspaper), as well as a food critic for Magazine Urbain, les Fromagesd’Ici and Sid Lee and was a culinary photographer.

Aside from being the restaurant's manager, Catherine curates the list of natural wines and creates the house cocktails. She is known for her warm and judicious service.

« In this minimalist setting, Draws provides the warmth and Pellizzari’s cuisine further seduces the senses. » - Lesley Chesterman (The Gazette)